Eating at one of the Top 10 pubs in Ohio

Food and booze that’s fit for an appetite

Patio at the Dublin Pub in Dayton, Ohio

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and you know what that means? Copious amounts of the color green and enough alcohol to sink the Titanic. But it also means chowing down on some of the heartiest eats in existence. From Reubens to poutine, Dublin Pub in downtown Dayton is sure to satisfy your inner Irish.

Blessed with wonderful 70-degree weather, I decided to take a seat on their patio. It was around 5:30 PM on a Wednesday with a decent crowd. Much of that I’m attributing to the hoe-down of a party that was being hosted in the neighboring tent, so I expected some decent wait times. Within 10 minutes I was asked for drinks and appetizers. My waitress, Jaimee, rattled off a few of the staples, and as soon as she said cheese fries my inner carb-aholic screamed yes. Oh, and I couldn’t turn down getting a cocktail. The alcohol menu was massive.

I’m not much for liquor really, but I don’t mind a good cocktail on occasion. I selected a Strawberry Blonde, which contained vodka and lemonade. I’m also a lightweight, so I made sure to pace myself while eating and drinking.

A strawberry blonde and order of cheese fries

Yeah, yeah, I’m aware the camera chose to not focus on the fries, so unfortunately the quality of the picture isn’t great. I was more focused on how fast I could shove that food into my mouth because it tasted so damn good. The fries were wedge-style, seasoned with salt and garlic. They sat atop a white wine cream sauce, then were covered in cheddar and monterey jack cheese, and bacon. It was piping hot when it came out (which my waitress didn’t really warn me off but I found out quickly). It tasted super freaking good, the cherry on top being the globs of cheese and bacon I got to finish with at the end. I then ordered a High King’s Steak sandwich.

High King’s steak sandwich with fries

I will admit, for a $16 entree I wasn’t maybe the most impressed with how that sandwich looked. But what lacked in appearance definitely made up for in taste because it tasted wonderful. It’s a 6-ounce steak topped with onion straws, monterey jack cheese, and creamy horseradish. It comes with fries which I was given the chance to swap for something else, but I’m a sucker for my starches so I stuck with it. They were seasoned with just salt and personally didn’t stand out too much to me, but they didn’t taste bad either.

Overall, it was a 4/5-star experience. The food was better than decent, the service was prompt (despite a lack of staff), and I spent 40 bucks for a drink, appetizer, and entree. Oh, and if you’re in the neighborhood for St. Patrick’s Day, it is worth checking out because they were having a total ball in the tent. They also had a run going on one street over.

A hotspot for an Irish allstar (or a hungry 25-year-old), Dublin Pub is sure to satiate your appetite. They’re located at 300 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410.

Drag Race legend Ginger Minj to star in Hocus Pocus 2

The queen will be playing a dragged-up version of Bette Midler

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There is heavy anticipation surrounding Hocus Pocus 2 as it’s been 29 years since the original film in 1993. Fans are as eager as ever to see the sequel, where the plot will center around our witches being resurrected in modern-day Salem. It’s exciting to see that Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy will reprise their roles, but where does our southern belle Ginger Minj come in?

Several news sources were able to confirm the All Stars 6 finalist filmed a scene for the movie in November 2021 in Rhode Island, where 3 queens will impersonate the Sanderson sisters at a drag show, with the actual ones showing up later (where magic then ensues). As a fellow Drag Race aficionado, I got pretty excited to see one of my favorite queens star in such a cult-classic Halloween movie.

Of course, the original actor Doug Jones will star in the film as well for the role of Billy butcherson alongside Sam Richardson, Tony Hale from Veep, and┬áHannah Waddingham from Ted Lasso. With the hype surrounding Hocus Pocus 2, it’s sure to be a spook-tacular hit this coming fall, when it hits Disney Plus.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus to merge

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It’s another battle of the streaming services as it’s been revealed that HBO Max and Discovery Plus are combining their companies. The news was broke by Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels at the Deutsche Bank’s 30th Annual Media, Internet and Telecom Conference, who will become CFO of the new company, Warner Bros. Discovery.

There isn’t really too much information at the moment. It’s unclear what the new subscription prices or the name of the service will be. Currently HBO max starts out at $10 a month with an option of ad-free for $15, while Discovery Plus starts at $5 with ad-free being $7. The good news is there will be ad-supported and ad-free options on the new service.

Right now, HBO Max boasts nearly three times as many subscribers as Discovery Plus, having ended 2021 with approximately 73.8 million subscribers, while Discovery was at 22 million. The two platforms will have bundles offered as they navigate the merge.

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022.

I watched the new Disney+ film last night, and I loved it

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Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

The Disney-Pixar hit Turning Red has finally dropped on Disney Plus. Our story centers around Meilin Lee (Mei) who is going through that often awkward and rebellious phase we all experience as teenagers. Right away we learn about her friend squad, intelligence, her overbearing mother, and positive attitude. It seems like things are almost perfect. Except the mother. Maybe overbearing was an understatement.

Mei’s mother is painted as this over-the-top helicopter mom who wants to keep her little Mei-Mei safe. She catches her daughter doodling about a teenage boy named Devon, and without letting her daughter explain anything the two of them go to where he’s working where Mei is embarrassed and humiliated by her mom threatening this boy. Yikes.

After being upset and curled in bed, Mei turns into the big, fluffy, red panda for the very first time. Mei’s reaction is to hide in the bathroom, feeling that she looks hideous. At first, her mom suspects that Mei is experiencing menstruation (much to the laughter of the audience at home). But after a school fiasco with her omnipresent mother, Mei unveils her panda to the public. Her mom isn’t surprised by this, and reveals it’s a curse that’s been in the family for generations. The only way to resolve this is waiting until the next red moon to do a special ritual that will lock the beast away. Whenever emotions get the better of them, they become the panda. And when they calm down, they go back to normal. Mei manages to get everything under control. She does so in order to go see a boyband in concert, which to no surprise is shot down by her parents.

Mei and her friends work their butts off to scrounge up the money for this concert, only to find it’s on the same night as the red moon. When the ritual is happening that night, Mei finally finds her voice and stands up to her mom, deciding to keep the panda. After her extended family calms down her mom during what can only be described as pure PANDAmonium (see what I did there?), the film has come to a resolution of Mei having found herself and keeping boundaries with her mom.

There’s a lot of relatable humor to be found in this film as I feel many people remember what it’s like to be a teenager, going through puberty, to start growing up, finding yourself. And there’s certainly many of us out here who have had experiences with a strict and overbearing parent for sure. It’s not the first time Disney has had parents like this in its films, but in Turning Red you don’t see Mei having issues fitting in, being bullied, nor having any repressed dreams like some previous Disney princesses.

What I also like about the film is it embraces chinese culture. It doesn’t dive into it in the film really, but it celebrates it naturally. It’s also led by a female cast which is something to celebrate. All in all, there’s a lot of high points in this film for me and I’m giving it a 9/10.

Oh, and you should totally go watch it.